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Large Party Sub Tray

Our standard tray includes "everything on it" cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato & house dressing with turkey on wheat, turkey/ham, Italian and roast beef. 10pc Medium Tray  Feeds 5   $22 (turkey & Italian)

20pc Large Tray   Feeds 10    $44

Wrap Tray

Our assorted wrap tray includes your choice of Italian, chicken salad, veggie, chicken caesar, club, or turkey/bacon/avocado wraps.

Gluten-Free available

12pc  Feeds 6      $32

The Office Hero

Your go-to full lunch for quick meetings. Includes a medium sub tray, chips, and 2-liter drink. Subs include turkey on wheat & Italian with "everything on it"

10pc  Feeds 5      $32

Box Lunch

Great for conferences and teams, the box lunch includes a sub, kettle chips & cookie. Bottle drinks +$2

Includes mayo/mustard packets on the side

10 box min      $8.50 & up

Croissant Tray *24hr

*Order by 1pm day before

Turkey/cheese, ham/cheese, and chicken salad w/ lettuce & tomato

(mayo/mustard on the side)

24pc  Feeds 12.     $49

Premium Sub Tray

Pick 4 cold subs from our menu to customize your tray. Subs made with standard "everything on it"

20pc Large Tray - pick 4 subs  $49

10pc Medium Tray - pick 2 subs  $24

Gluten-Free Box Lunch

Gluten-Free wrap of your choice with kettle chips and fresh cut fruit.

Bottle Drink +$2


The Breakfast Bonanza

Full morning meal includes breakfast wraps, pastry tray, fruit bowl, orange juice and coffee.

Feeds 15      $99

Breakfast Wraps Tray

Includes a variety of bacon, chorizo, ham, sausage or turkey sausage burritos with eggs, potatoes, cheese and salsa on the side.

12pc  Feeds 6-8      $30

Continental Breakfast

Perfect for morning meetings! Assorted pastry tray, breakfast breads, orange juice, and hot coffee

Feeds 8-10      $60

Pastry Tray

An assortment of delicious pastries: Cinnamon roll, muffins, bear claw, and raspberry/apple danish.

10pc      $29

Breakfast Breads

Delicious thick-sliced cinnamon-raisin, apple-danish, and vanilla-raisin breads with butter and jelly.

24pc      $18

Coffee "Joe-2-Go"

96oz carafe of medium-roast coffee with cups, lids, sugars, cream, stir sticks to start your meeting

Serves 12    $18 (Orange Juice $7)

Potato Salad Bowl

8lb bowl of locally made country style potato salad

Feeds 15-20      $22

Macaroni Salad Bowl

8lb bowl of locally made macaroni salad

Feeds 15-20      $22

Fruit & Cheese Tray

Pepper jack, cheddar, and colby jack cheese with fresh strawberries and grapes. 

Feeds 15-20      $36

Garden Salad Bowl

Garden salad bowl with your choice of house dressing, ranch, or caesar dressing on the side

Feeds 15-20     $22

Caesar Salad Bowl

Caesar salad bowl with romaine, parmesan, croutons, and caesar dressing on the side

Feeds 15-20      $22

Fruit Bowl*

*Order by 1pm day before

Seasonal fresh cut fruit bowl

Feeds 15-20      $32

Veggie Tray*

*Order by 1pm day before

Fresh cut veggies with ranch dip

Feeds 15-20      $16

Italian Pasta Salad*

*Order by 1pm day before

Locally made pasta salad

Feeds 15-20      $30

Cookie Tray

Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies

24ct      $14

Brownie Bite Tray

Assortment of rocky road, blondie, and chocolate chip brownie bites.

24ct      $16

1/2 Brownie 1/2 Cookie

Can't decide? Need more dessert?

Get a 1/2 & 1/2 tray!

12 brownie bites 12 cookies    $16

as a courtesy to Mother Earth, disposables are not included with catering

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